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Converting your vision and ambitions to a comprehensive financial plan: Few financial advisers place emphasis on encompassing the full range of financial services first.

Financial Needs

  • Income Needs
  • Risk Factors
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Distributions of Assets
  • Problems with Product Concentration and Diversification

Non-Financial Needs

  • Objective
  • Attitude toward Management of Assets
  • Corporate Dynamics
  • Corporate Values
  • Monitoring of Assets

Our Services

  • Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Emerging Markets
  • Forex
  • Private Banking
  • Financing
  • Mutual Funds
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Management
BNP Paribas Funds - Investment Process


The foundations of our work include a requirements analysis in order to determine your targets, needs and expectations as well as consultancy when investment decisions are implemented. As a result, we focus on the entire risk management process, the selection of adequate business partners and banks, the structuring of your investment universe and also the cost analysis.

Alongside traditional asset management, BNP Paribas Funds also provides discerning private and retail clients additional comprehensive services for their securities account. Our company examines current relationships for contract compliance, studies portfolios in terms of the concrete loss potential and assists in the implementation of specific solutions in the financial segment.

Compliance Check

Non-transparent and unauthorised cost burdens can have a severe effect on a portfolio’s efficiency. We offer an independent and accurate examination of your business relations in order to respond to such developments as soon as possible. We consider that compensation policies and transparent transaction conditions must be clearly specified in a professional relationship. This prevents previously unidentified financial disadvantages for you as a client. We examine cash flows, order executions and security prices confidentially and down to the last detail. You will subsequently receive a comprehensive report concerning anomalies and prospect of optimisation.

Risk Analysis

Increasingly complex financial products, altered international capital markets as well as the increasing conformity of investment suggestions ensure it is progressively more challenging for wealthy investors to assess the general risk associated with their investments. This risk could be reduced as low as possible via a strategy of methodical diversification.

During this process, we aid you in discovering and avoiding the risks and hidden pitfalls.