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Trust and Responsibility

The main business segment of BNP Paribas Funds is the growth of yield-oriented and well-diversified investment strategies as well as the implementation of such methods throughout the structure of management mandates. In this context, each situation involves its unique completely customised solution.

We diversify your liquid assets globally and across all important investment classes. Our portfolio recommendations, with which we cover numerous asset classes for instance shares, bonds, raw materials, etc., are the cornerstone for this. We boast long-standing and in-depth expertise, particularly in the field of open-ended collective investment schemes (SICAV) domiciled here in Luxembourg.

In the strategic asset management segment, we provide private and retail clients the option of financial investments based on various strategy models. In the process, the purpose of our asset management is to optimise the client’s asset portfolio while taking their specific needs and requirements into consideration and creating added value. Our customers authorise us to make decisions associated with investment of their assets via individual agreements or specific asset management mandates.

Due to our long-standing experience in the sector of investment banking as well as our comprehensive knowledge of the stock exchanges, capital markets and investment products, we are able to ensure an successful and cost-optimised management of customer assets.

We customise your securities account to match your personal investment objectives and risk tolerance. This is performed in an anticipatory, competent and crystal-clear manner.

Through regular and active monitoring, management and administration of your individual securities account, we give you the maximum level of flexibility in the global financial market combined with the utmost security.

We offer an ample range of products, which include Hedge funds, SMA’s and Mutual Funds and Unit Trusts.

We have extensive distribution channels determined by open architecture “best in class” Tough process and criteria for Manager selection

Wide variety of managers determined by your risk profile, time horizon and Yield expectations

We opt for portfolios that meet our clients investment Criteria. Recommended asset Allocation Models that fit client’s profiles.

  • Risk Profile & Long Term Objectives
  • Asset Allocation Process
  • Tactical Asset Allocation Process
  • Investment Product Selection

You benefit from a systematic Investment Process without conflicts of interest.