The asset manager for a changing world
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A portfolio of around 50 global stocks designed to benefit from the growing imbalance between water supply and demand.

Climate Impact

The portfolio of companies around the world that contribute to the fight against global warming.

Consumer Innovators

A concentrated portfolio benefiting from the massive shift in the landscape for global consumer stocks due to technological and demographic changes.

Disruptive Technology

A concentrated portfolio of 30-50 global stocks benefiting from the way new technology is shaking up the business world.

Euro Equity

A high conviction, bottom-up, stock portfolio with a focus on industry and company fundamentals, rather than macro-economic factors.

Europe Equity

A portfolio of companies with sustainable long term growth attributes that are masked by short-term trends, fashion or random market noise.

Global Equity

A portfolio of companies from all over the world with solid financial structures and/or potential for earnings growth.

China Equity

A concentrated portfolio of 40-60 stocks likely to benefit from growth in China.

Europe Growth

A diversified portfolio of around 50 quality European companies with a growth bias.

Europe Small Cap

A portfolio of small and growing European companies that are under-covered and undervalued by the market.

Japan Small Cap

A portfolio of small cap value stocks that have the potential to transform into growth stocks.

Russia Equity

A concentrated portfolio of around 35 stocks invested in what we believe are the most promising opportunities in the Russian stock market.

US Small Cap

A portfolio of small cap companies that can offer above-average growth potential.

Emerging Equity

An all cap portfolio of emerging market companies with the ability to sustain high growth and profitability.

Global Environment

A global portfolio of mispriced companies within environmental markets.

Global Absolute Return Equit

A global long/short strategy untethered to a benchmark.

Green Tigers

A portfolio of Asia-Pacific companies that operate in the rapidly growing resource efficiency and environmental markets.

Smart Food

A concentrated portfolio of investments in sustainably manufactured and responsibly transformed food.

Emerging Bond Opportunities

A broad portfolio of local currency, hard currency and corporate bonds.

Euro Corporate Bond

A portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds denominated in euros.

Emerging Bond

A portfolio of emerging market bonds denominated in local currencies.

Global Inflation-Linked Bond

A portfolio of global inflation-linked bonds (ILBs) issued by developed-market countries.

Green Bond

A portfolio of green bonds issued by corporates, supranationals and sovereigns across the globe.

Enhanced Bond 6M

A diversified portfolio of euro short term bonds, commercial papers and floating rate notes.

USD Money Market

A portfolio of high-quality money market instruments, term deposits and other short term fixed income securities denominated in USD.

Target Risk Balanced

A portfolio of bonds, equities and other assets classes that is designed to better manage risk and minimise overall loss.

Premia Opportuinities

A multi-asset portfolio designed to harvest equity and bond market premia* via directional and non-directional strategies.

Euro Multi-Factor Corporate Bond

A portfolio of high-quality corporate bonds selected using a factor-based approach.